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Wooden cabin beds

Have you ever heard of the cabin bed? This is a bed on the floor that the child can leave alone as soon as he has reached the age to move around independently, without the risk of a big fall (unlike a crib)! To make a smoother transition to the floor, a rug or small mattress can be used on the sides of the bed.

This freedom of movement encourages the child to develop his ability to move, crawl, crawl ... It is a good alternative to the crib where the baby can feel stuck or oppressed, which is very anxiety-provoking for a little one. If you want to give your child the freedom to come and go, don't hesitate any longer!


With our wooden cabin beds, the box spring is placed 8 centimeters from the ground, which allows ventilation of the mattress. You can also vacuum without having to move the entire structure. And if you are looking for more storage or more security, you can choose a cabin bed with a drawer or a cabin bed with a barrier. Everything is flexible and customizable, according to your needs and your desires!

What is a Montessori bed?

Our cabin beds on the ground are inspired by Montessori pedagogy. According to Maria Montessori, we should not force a child to sleep but let him follow his natural needs. If he's tired he's supposed to fall asleep on his own, and if he's not, let him live and explore the world around him.


Attractive concept… but on a daily basis, we are still very happy to be able to put them to bed between 8 pm and 9 pm to be able to enjoy the evening with adults! Here are my tips for arranging the best possible room for your child: a welcoming, reassuring and empowering room.  


A Montessori room is a room that promotes the autonomy of the child, so that he can do a maximum of things in complete safety without having to call his parents. The feeling of freedom and security he feels in his well-appointed room will encourage him to be more independent.


Maria Montessori said: "The child has the right to sleep when he is sleepy, to wake up when he has finished sleeping and to get up when he wants". The sleeping area is one of the four fundamental spaces necessary in a room installed in the Montessori spirit. The cabin bed on the ground fits perfectly in this spirit.

The baby cabin bed: my personal experience

Personally, I have never put my baby in a crib. I had initially opted for a small bassinet (mini travel cot), until the reducer had to be removed. I have big back problems and I used to hurt myself having to get him from the bottom of the bed to breastfeed him, especially in times of teething and various illnesses. On top of that, he often woke up because he was running out of space.


When I was 9 months old, when I spent him in his cabin bed, he slept through the nights because he had room to move around at will! And no more back pain for me, because I put myself in his bed to breastfeed him and I put him down delicately. When baby sucks, a hormone is produced that makes it easy for mom to fall back to sleep. It was dad who was happy to sleep peacefully in the marital bed!


Now that he's 21 months old, he takes us by the hand to go to bed and gets up alone in the morning to join us in our bed: it's magic! There is no crying at bedtime or when you wake up. He does not get up in the middle of the night to play: many parents have this fear with a baby bed on the floor. But since there is no noise and it is dark, he knows he has to sleep. I am therefore convinced that the cabin bed is really what is best for my baby, because he needs to be cocooned and to be able to get out of it whenever he wants.  

It is important to trust your child. Giving them the opportunity to safely explore their home is essential for their motor and psychological development. Montessori pedagogy is ideal for this.

Eco-responsible beds made in France

When we started our business, it was very important for us to make ethical choices. The wood we use to make our cabin beds for children comes from eco-managed French forests. We recycle wood chips and offcuts, which makes our manufacturing eco-responsible. We use untreated fir wood without varnish or other: we therefore offer beds without harmful products. Finally, the manufacture takes place in France, near Aix-en-Provence: these are 100% French beds!  


If you choose our children's floor beds , we guarantee:


- A bed made in France;

- Handcrafted manufacture;

- A non-toxic bed for your baby;

- The possibility of having a custom bed, adapted to your accommodation.


We have also enlarged our store and we now offer wooden decorative items, always with the same desire to respect the environment.  


Sophie d'Housswood


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